How to Get 450 Thousand for a Mortgage to Large Families from the Federal Budget


In his annual message to the Federal Assembly on February 20, 2019, President Putin proposed to give 450 thousand rubles for mortgage families with large families, and to enact this bill in hindsight from January 1. We decided to find out in detail what the conditions of this social initiative are, who has the right to receive it and how the redemption will take place.

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  • 1 What is the essence of the proposal
  • 2 Details on conditions: who should be


What is the essence of the proposal

What is the essence of the proposal

Among the initiatives proposed by Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly in 2019, bills on mortgages are of the greatest interest to us.

  • Large families with whom a third and subsequent child was born have the right to receive one-time assistance from the federal budget in the amount of 450 thousand rubles.
  • The program does not cancel other mortgage assistance initiatives, such as maternity capital or a reduced mortgage rate for large families.
  • The draft law is at the drafting stage, but it will be launched “retroactively” from January 1, 2019.

In addition, it is planned to extend the effect of preferential mortgages for large families for the entire duration of the loan, but not 3-8 years, as it is now. Together with the issuance of 450 thousand rubles and the parent capital, this is a significant help.


Social mortgage: to whom is available and what conditions

All existing programs of preferential mortgage in 2019

Preferential mortgage under 6% for families with 2 children

Installment card Conscience
 Interest rate 0% per annum
Installment period: up to 12 months from partners and 3 months in any store
Credit limit: up to 300,000 rubles
More than 50 0000 partner stores
Free registration and annual maintenance
It is possible to withdraw cash
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 Credit limit: up to 300 000 ₽
Grace period: 55 days
Loan rate: from 12.0% per annum
Cashback from expenses: up to 30%
Installment up to 12 months from partners
The service “120 days without interest” is available to refinance loans from other banks. Make 100 days without interest on the official website
 Credit limit card: up to 300 thousand.
Period without interest: 100 days
Loan rate: from 14.99% per annum
Cash withdrawal: free
Registration and delivery by courier: free Register on the official website


Details on the conditions: who should be

Details on the conditions: who should be

Now let’s take a closer look at the conditions for obtaining 450 thousand mortgage assistance to large families. The following points are preliminary, as the bill is still under development. The final conditions will be known after its publication on March 26, 2019.

  • Mortgage assistance is provided to families whose third or subsequent child was born after January 1, 2019.
  • The amount of assistance is 450,000 rubles. The funds are allocated from the federal budget.
  • The money is intended to pay off already existing mortgages. Its limitation does not matter.
  • The payment is one-time and does not cancel the receipt of maternity capital.


Where to go

Where to go

The law has not yet entered into force, so do not rush anywhere to apply for a grant of 450 thousand rubles. After starting the program, large families will have to contact their lender, that is, the bank that issued the mortgage. You will need to write an application for receiving money from the federal budget to pay off mortgage debt.

Since there is still no final wording of the law, we will make all the changes on this page and report them in our VK group. Sign up if you want to be informed.