Burglary in Panama City, Florida


PANAMA CITY – Panama City Police Department officials are calling on the public to be vigilant following a wave of residential burglaries in the Cove area.

According to a PCPD press release, detectives responded to five burglaries in the past three days in an area north of Cherry Street, south of Fourth Street and between Cove Boulevard and Massalina Bayou. Most burglaries took place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. when residents were away from work.

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The PCPD wants to remind residents that if they “see something, say something”. Residents who notice unknown people in their area or suspicious vehicles are urged to immediately report the activity so that officers can respond to investigate.

Residents equipped with surveillance cameras are urged to make sure they are functioning properly and to report any suspicious activity they record on these devices, the statement said.

You can contact the Panama City Police Department at 850-872-3100, or report tips anonymously through a smartphone by downloading the Tip411 “Panama City PD” app from iOS or Google Play stores.

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