Opening of the first eco-responsible residential district built by residents in the Netherlands


Housing in the Netherlands may be becoming more sustainable, but it is not yet. However, there are communities that make sustainable housing possible.

Together, the residents, members of the Groene Mient association in The Hague, took on a project development role and created an energy-neutral residential area, which opened on September 12.

Le Groene Mient

The eco-friendly residential area is located in Vruchtenbuurt in The Hague, where the school, Maris College was once located. There are 33 houses in the Groene Mient area, which surround an ecological garden.

The design of the residential area was created by Architektenkombinatie and FilliéVerhoeven, agencies in The Hague, in close collaboration with the locals, and was carried out by Sprangers, a construction company from Breda. All the companies involved have experience in sustainable construction projects and collective private orders.

The people of the area want to take care of each other and the neighborhood, and they do so using energy, resources and food in a sustainable way. They qualify the project as a social ecological project, encompassing the social aspect as well as the ecological objective. The residents share a common space as well as the common garden.

Eco-responsible measures

Each year, the houses of Groene Mient produce as much energy as they consume for their heating and hot water, and they are not connected to the gas network.

In order to ensure that the residences are energy neutral, a few measures have been taken; heat pumps have been installed and thermal sensors, which use energy from the sun, are present. Balanced ventilation, hot water recovery systems and solar panels are also in place.

The construction plans for the area also took into account how use of the land could help make it more sustainable. In order to prevent flooding or extinction of the area due to climate change, infiltration channels have been created in the garden.

Rainwater that drains from roofs and through semi-open sidewalks will be transported through gutters to infiltration channels, allowing rainwater to be retained in the ground or to drain away. flow slowly into the ditch next to the Groene Mient.

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