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Posted on September 16, 2021

Residents of Stop Six, Fort Worth city leaders, developers and supporters on Thursday celebrated the start of construction on Cowan Place Senior Living, a 174-unit mixed-income community that is launching six phases of new residential housing planned as part of the Stop Six Choice district. Initiative.

This groundbreaking event marks the start of a complete transformation of one of the city’s most desirable African-American communities. Cowan Place is named after Alonzo and Sarah Cowan, two of the original landowners in the southeastern community of Fort Worth and for whom the neighborhood has already been named.

Choice Neighborhood’s multi-year effort is funded by a $ 35 million grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and includes 1,042 new residential units, neighborhood improvements, and a multi-purpose community center with an aquatic center as voters. will be considered as part of the 2022 municipal bond program.

“Cowan Place Senior Living is the result of true community collaboration and has been carefully designed by the residents of Stop Six and a host of committed partners,” said Mary-Margaret Lemons, President of Fort Worth Housing Solutions. “This property will complement the construction of new homes already underway in one of Fort Worth’s most beloved neighborhoods and will pave the way for a complete community transformation triggered by HUD’s Choice Neighborhood initiative.

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said the development of Cowan Place is proof of the city’s commitment to strengthening its neighborhoods and ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to live in communities where families s ‘flourish.

“We say it’s Go Time time in Fort Worth, and Cowan Place and the Stop Six Choice neighborhood initiative is another big win for a better, brighter future in our city,” Parker said. “Our vision is that all residents will be able to live in neighborhoods with access to safe and affordable housing, jobs, recreational facilities, quality schools, health care and grocery stores. And at Cowan Place, we have an incredible opportunity to start revitalizing a neighborhood while honoring the African American families who built it.

Mayor Pro Tem Gyna M. Bivens, who grew up in Stop Six, has represented the area on Fort Worth City Council since 2013 and has long advocated for investments in the area, which is a 15-minute walk to the east of downtown Fort Worth and the south side Medical District, and northwest of Lake Arlington.

“I am delighted to see the construction of Cowan Place Senior Living begin,” said Bivens. “The residents of Fort Worth have a deep affection for Stop Six, and many of those who have moved over the years – especially our seniors – yearn to return to a neighborhood filled with the people they love. Cowan Place Senior Living will give them this new opportunity and will be a great prelude to future housing developments.

Start of rental in 2023

Construction of Cowan Place will take approximately 24 months and rental is expected to begin in 2023.

A 2020 market study has shown a strong demand for affordable rental for seniors in the region, regardless of future population growth. Cowan Place represents a $ 43 million investment in Stop Six and is supported in part by low-income housing tax credits that guarantee affordable rents for at least 30 years.

Cowan Place will offer one and two bedroom apartments designed for residents 62 and older. The four story development south of East Rosedale Street and facing Stalcup Road will feature stucco, brick and metal facades in a contemporary design notable for its lighted ‘lantern’ which signals a bright and modern future for one of the historic communities. of Fort Worth.

The apartment residences will wrap around a central terraced courtyard to adapt to the natural terrain of the site. Community spaces on the ground floor will include rooms for a library and theater, a fitness studio, lounge, billiards, crafts, and space for private meetings with medical professionals.

Photo: Stop Six dignitaries and supporters prepare to clear the way for Cowan Place, which will be built at East Rosedale Street and Stalcup Road.

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