Tell an Upper East Side board of directors what the neighborhood needs most


UPPER EAST SIDE, NY – For the first time, an Upper East Side community council is giving neighbors the chance to shape one of its most important jobs: telling the city what the neighborhood needs most in the annual budget.

Community Board 8 is preparing to write its District Statement of Needs for Fiscal Year 2023: a document that outlines the district’s top three issues and specific projects that could use city funding.

Now, the board is asking Upper East Siders to complete a survey by 6:00 p.m. Tuesday to help inform CB8’s budget committee, whose members will meet at 6:30 p.m. to begin shaping the list.

Statements in recent years have had an influence, according to CB8 chairman Russell Squire, who pointed to earlier calls by the board to repair the East River Esplanade.

“Earlier this year we got funding for this, which was very much needed and a very welcome development,” Squire told Patch.

Local officials celebrated in June after the city pledged $ 80 million in repairs to the East River Esplanade. Community Council 8 had requested the city to fund repairs in its annual District Needs Statements. (Office of U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney)

In recent years, for its three most pressing issues, the council has consistently chosen affordable housing, open spaces and the need for more school spaces. That top three list could change this year, based on public comment.

The district’s next statement of needs will be finalized this winter and will take effect in October 2022.

The council’s previous statement, for fiscal 2022, was completed in February and will go into effect in a few days. Its budget requests included money for new elementary, middle and high schools on the Upper East Side; the addition of traffic control officers and school crossing guards in the neighborhood; construction of an accessible ramp to the Yorkville branch library; and the installation of “rat-proof” bins in the neighborhood.

Take the Community Board 8 Fiscal Year 2023 District Needs Statement survey here, and view past years’ statements here.

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