The church organizes its last service on the site of the district of the “circles” – Santa Cruz Sentinel


SANTA CRUZ – The faithful gathered for the last time on the lawn of the Evangelical Community Church in the center of the “circles” of Santa Cruz during a cool and overcast Sunday morning.

The church has been occupied by the Gospel Community Church for three years, but the site has served as a place of worship for over 100 years. The original chapel was built in 1890 and rebuilt after a fire in the 1960s.

“With the history of this church, it’s sad to see it disappear, but it’s exciting to see what will happen next,” Brandon said of the Gospel Community Church leaving its current building and moving to a new home. new location. “It’s a historic place and it’s been there for so long. Finding out more about its history and its impact on the whole neighborhood is really cool.

Now the property will serve the community in a new way. The church is slated to be demolished and replaced with 12 PMQs in a community housing complex, according to developer Brett Packer.

The resort is designed to accommodate both families and elderly residents. Each unit will be self-contained, having its own kitchen, bathroom and other amenities, but the complex will also include a shared outdoor kitchen as well as a garden and children’s play area, Packer noted.

Each unit will also have the ability to build a unit by property law. Therefore, the new development could end up housing up to 24 families.

“We are trying to resolve the housing situation this way,” Packer said. “We are pro housing. We want to create as much housing and as much diversity in housing as possible. “

Members of the Gospel Community Church gather for the final service on Sunday before the church is demolished. (Ryan Stuart – Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Gospel Community Church will make the Santa Cruz Seventh-day Adventist Church on Cayuga Street its new home. Church leaders said sharing the building with another church shouldn’t be a problem, especially since they pray on Saturdays.

“I am excited for the future. Obviously this place will always be near and dear to everyone here, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. I see it as the next phase in church life, ”Gavin Kjedlsen, a disciple who came from Petaluma to visit his family in the area and would attend the service in town. “I think the new location will have advantages. I think it will bring beautiful things. This is a good step.

The Church also sees the move as an opportunity to reach a new part of the city and connect with new neighbors, O’Sullivan said.

However, the Evangelical Church is no stranger to relocation. The church originally started in a disciple’s living room in May 2018 as a small group who loved to pray together. He then moved on to the back porch and finally to the Circle Church in October 2018, as the congregation grew.

At the end of the final service at the Circle Church, Pastor O’Sullivan shared a verse of encouragement as his congregation prepares to move to their new home. The verse was talking about building a church around God and not a physical location, which sums up the history of the church.

“It’s really the heart of the neighborhood, and you can see it. It really has been a great place for people to come together, ”said O’Sullivan. “We see this as an extremely important place. It’s bittersweet, but like I said, Christ is building his church and God’s people don’t care about the location.

Gospel Community Church will have its first service at its new location on October 3rd.

“I think the last sermon here was wonderful,” Kjeldsen said. “I think they did it as well as they could.”

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