The Ensemble Montréal platform emphasizes safety, housing, the environment


“We are realistic, we have experience and we understand the issues,” said Denis Coderre, officially unveiling his party’s electoral program on Friday.

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These were the three priorities described by the leader and mayoral candidate Denis Coderre on Friday morning when he officially unveiled his party’s electoral platform.

Coderre said Montrealers want a change from the direction in which Valérie Plante has taken the city over the past four years. He added that the city cannot afford four more years of Project Montreal leadership, saying the ruling party has left the city in dire financial straits.

“It’s a war cabinet. I want to make sure we all work together, because it’s for the good of Montreal, ”said Coderre, surrounded by candidates on a stage in picturesque Gouin Park, by the river, in Montreal-North. “Clearly, we will have a mayor who knows what leadership is. “

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He accused Plante of bowing down to a certain group of Montrealers, adding that he plans to be the mayor of all Montrealers from all walks of life.

“We need an administration that can bring people together,” Coderre said. “We are realistic, we have experience and we understand the issues.

Coderre also lashed out at Balarama Holness, claiming that a vote for the leader of the Montreal Movement is essentially a vote for Plante.

“If you really want change, we are the alternative,” he said.

Nadine Gelly, Coderre’s choice for the executive committee chair, said her party’s pledges amount to $ 2.89 billion, which is more than three times lower than the promises made by Projet Montreal. She refuted the ruling party’s claim that it will only have $ 255.9 million in new spending over four years.

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“It’s a joke,” Coderre agreed. “We have a wonderful team and they know how to count. “

Some of the highlights of the Ensemble Montréal platform, titled Vision 2045: Building the Metropolis for Future Generations, include:

Public security

  • Hire 250 more police officers to bring the total to 4,800, secure a seat for Montreal on the board of directors of the École nationale de police du Québec and give the chief of police the power of a deputy city director .
  • Double the number of mixed squads, where police work together with health and social service workers to help marginalized people living on the streets or suffering from mental illness.
  • Put in place more prevention tools by adding more sports facilities for young people, by increasing the number of patrol officers on foot and by bicycle and by adequately funding the Center for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence ( CPRLV).

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